Certify a WinDev application in 6 steps

Each version of Windows brings new “security” features and requires developers to update their software. We can talk here about the “standard” directories, access to the registry, the difficulty to update the executable, to write in the exe directory … and many other good thinks.

Another aspect relates to one on the first step : at the time of installation.


Several questions circulate on the forums to know how to sign an executable and thus avoid the alarmist messages at the user who reduce, at once, his level of confidence.

For those who do not have the chance to be in a big company with “certificates to do everything” or those who do not live in Belgium (the application can be signed with their smart ID card), here is a simple example to order and install a certificate in WinDev.

First, you should know that there are several kinds of certificates. The one that will be useful here is called “Code signing certificate“.

  1. Choose your certificate provider. Going on this page, we realize that the cheapest is 59 $US/year (51€/year) at Comodo, a supplier among the most known. This provider recommends using Firefox. To facilitate the operation, do not ignore this advice. In addition, it is important to use the same computer when ordering the certificate and when it is retrieved.
  2. The supplier will then, following your order, a verification of your identity. Example: the name of your company must appear in a recognized commercial directory (eg yellow pages, free or paid whatever it is), a business lawyer’s letter (registered at the bar of your region), … Appear in Google is not enough ! Then they will check your phone number (voice call or text).
  3. Following this process, you will receive an email with the link to your certificate, in this case “COMODORSACodeSigningCA.crt”. Open it in Firefox !
  4. Then go to the “Options” menu, then “Privacy and Security” tab of Firefox. At the bottom of the page, click the [View Certificates] button. Select your certificate.

    Click the [Save All] button. Choose the backup directory, file name and extension type “.p12”.
  5. Go to this file from Windows Explorer. Right click and choose “Install PFX“.
  6. Finally, in WinDev, create the installer of your software. In the step of creating the “Version Info (1/2)” executable, you should see your certificate. In the “Support” step of creating the installer, you should also see the certificate:

For about 50kb more to the installation file, your software has become more professional.

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