Other softwares

Below, more than 40 software that can help make development faster. Most are free, an amount could be requested for professional use. No software online here is an editorial choice. Developing with PCSOFT requires the use of a Windows computer and the tools that programmers need are more effective “locally” than on the net.
Editor Software name 32 bits 64 bits Install Portable Language Price Comment
Publishers and export / import of data
IPROG OutilSQL FR free HyperFile 7 and C/S, SQLServer, Oracle, Access, DB2 / 400, Excel, Informix, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Lapalys Inc. HFDA FR free/
Seulement HyperFile 5, 7 et C/S
File2Data EN free Load a pdf file, csv, txt, xml, xls, fic to convert it to mysql dump, xml, xls, fic
Esavin Compare base de données HF FR free Everything is in the name of the software!
Christian Durix Réplication HF FR free To replicate a “master” HFSQL database to a “slave” base unidirectionally
Jean Dural Hyperfile 2 XML FR free Convert a Hyperfile file (.fic, .ndx and .mmo) to an XML file
Tanguy Pruvot HFConvert FR free Convert a Hyperfile database to other database formats (currently SQL Server)
Tanguy Pruvot WDReader FR free Read the contents of the .fic files created by Windev 5.5 without any analysis
Text editors
Sublime HQ Pty Ltd Sublime text EN/FR/… free/
Open Ansi, Unicode and in hex mode. With Syntax coloring for many languages including WLanguage
Don Ho Notepad++ FR/EN/… free/
With syntax highlighting for many languages, including WLanguage (partially)
Tomasz Ostrowski JSONedit EN free JSON file editor
Luc Rollinger Éditeur de code externe FR free Code comparison, versionning, DOS console (files are external to projects)
Philippe Carrismoux XMLEditeur FR free XML file editor
Tanguy Pruvot WDHeX FR free Hexadecimal editor in WinDev (with sources)
Pierre Gougelet XN View FR/EN/DE free/
Reads more than 500 image formats, writes more than 70 formats. See also NConvert, ShellEx, … Also make screenshots with combo or open menu (by key, example F10, not by the mouse)
dotPDN LLC Paint.net FR/EN/… free To easily edit images (color change, transparent background, size, …)
Attila Kovrig IcoFX 1.6.4 FR/EN/… free Easily create and edit icon files (previous version completely free)
Floomby EN free Screenshot in 1 click (to avoid leakage of your screenshots, go to the settings, click [Save settings] and choose “copy to clipboard”). Copy the screen with the cursor.
NAPS2 FR/EN/… free Scan software, saves in image and PDF, OCR (?)
GIMP FR/EN/… free Advanced image editing and vector drawing (open source). With the addition of this plug-in, easily make images for the 5-state buttons
SuperCopier 2.2 beta FR/EN free Essential for managing file copies. Old version because more stable, not too much options, …
Petges Attribute Changer FR/EN/… free/
Allows you to change the attributes of a file / photo (date, time). ChangeDate is an alternative made in WinDev (click here).
Igor Pavlov 7zip FR/EN/… free Data compression and archiving software in 7z format but also zip and 30 other formats
WxZip FR/EN free Compress and decompress the wdz (PC SOFT archive) but also zip, 7z, tar, tar.gz, rar and compressed files by fCompress(). Manages unicode and passwords.
Francis Morel WdOpen FR free Launch the correct version of WinDev / WebDev / WinDev Mobile when double-clicking on the project file (.wdp). An alternative of Stéphane Garcia available here.
Empty loop Unlocker EN free Releases a blocked file by another process
Google Backup and synchronization FR/EN/… free Synchronizing a local folder with Google Drive (allows you to have the Keepass file synchronized with your smartphone)
Estmob Send Anywhere FR/EN/.. free Transfer files from one computer (or smartphone) to another. Excellent software despite the omnipresence of advertising.
NodeSoft MP3 Rename EN free Rename files by batch (as a bonus, manage mp3s and their ID tags!). Other tools on the site. RenFiles is an alternative made in Windev (click here).
JAM Software TreeSize EN free Lets you see the distribution of files on your disk or USB key. Useful to see what takes up space (and then to clean!)
WinMerge FR/EN/.. free Compare files or directories (open source)
FileZilla client EN free FTP, FTPS, SFTP client
FileZilla serveur ? EN free FTP Server
Cjwdev AD Info EN gratuit/
Active Directory Information
Telerik Fiddler EN free HTTP traffic analyzer (sniffer). See also HTTPNetworkSniffer at NirSoft (below)
OpenVPN Inc. Open VPN FR/EN/… free Multi-platform VPN client (open source)
PuTTY EN free Telnet client (open source). Allows you to connect to a VPS at OVH or to create keys (see PuTTY Gen)
Oracle Virtual Box FR/EN/… free Open source virtual machine manager (allows to test the software in Windows XP, Linux, MacOS, … images of these OS are available on the internet looking for good!)
Nir Sofer NirSoft EN free Dozens of useful utilities for programmers
Mark Russinovich SysInternals (bought par MicroSoft) EN free Dozens of useful utilities for programmers
Oracle Java client FR/EN/… free To run software developed in Java
Oracle Java development kit FR/EN/… free To develop applications in Java (required for Java compilation under Windev)
Tanguy Pruvot WDGUI2CON FR free Utility that simply re-enables the windev executables console
Tanguy Pruvot WLSCRIPT FR free Program for Linux that loads a WDL containing classes or functions to run WinDev code from the command line

A good anti-virus and anti-spyware / malware are essential. Remember that you run executables and that if they contain a virus … your future as a programmer is compromised! Feel free to invest in a paid version. Comparisons exist on the internet to choose those that suit you.
The criteria to appear in this list: either be unavoidable (software widely known and widespread), or manage the maximum thing in the field cited, or be minimalist and effective. A bonus to software that are free and / or have a French version and / or whose ergonomics are well thought out and / or are open source and / or portable.